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The Institute of Catholic Theology courses are accepted by The Diocese of Phoenix Kino Institute for catechist recertification.

Work towards your recertification on your time, at your pace, in your place, taking subjects that interest you.

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elcome to the Institute of Catholic Theology. The ICT provides continuing education for adult Catholics. Founded in 2009, the ICT offers a wide variety of courses that can be taken at your leisure, both live and archived on the internet. Whether you are new to adult education or are looking to delve into the richness of Catholic Intellectual tradition, these courses are designed to strengthen one's Christian discipleship through intellectual formation.

A Message From Bishop Olmsted...

Bishop Olmsted

There are two primary thrusts to the Catholic Church's efforts to evangelize the world by sharing the good news that God has revealed through His Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

While the first is to spread to gospel among those who do not yet believe in Jesus Christ, the second is referred to as the "new evangelization". Rooted in the wealth of Blessed Pope John Paul II 's teaching, it challenges Catholics today to not only reach out to the uncatechized, but to deepen their own knowledge, practice and witness to the faith.

"I fully endorse this catechetical effort"

With classes that are open to Catholics and non-Catholics, the Institute offers instruction in Catholic theology on a broad range of topics, which are taught by highly qualified instructors.

While these classes are of special assistance to catechists youth ministers and Catholic school teachers, they are offered on an undergraduate level that is intended to reach the average layperson. I also wish to affirm my confidence in the faithfulness of the instructors to the Magisterium of the Church.

As courses provided by the Institute have been recorded and are now being made available over the Internet, I wish to affirm my support of the Institute and assure those who are interested in taking advantage of this on line resource that I fully endorse this catechetical effort.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Thomas J. Olmsted

Bishop of Phoenix

Diocesan Certification

The Institute of Catholic Theology courses are accepted by The Diocese of Phoenix Kino Institute for catechist recertification.


Happiness - The Goal of Catholic Living

Professor: Ryan Hanning

The fourth question of the Baltimore Catechism asked "Why did God make me?" The answer familiar to many of us was "To know, love and serve God, to be happy with Him in this life and in the next." For over 3500 years of western civilization the question of happiness has been among the central questions of life. Various Greek, Roman, Jewish and Christian philosophers offer distinct contributions to this central question. More than just a platitude the goal of authentic happiness is deeply tied to our origin, our purpose, and our destiny and provides a rich philosophical and theological perspective on God's plan for the human person. This course evaluates these answers, and seeks to present an authentically Catholic perspective to happiness as the goal of Catholic life.

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God's Plan of Salvation

Eric Westby

Have you ever wondered what God is doing and why He is doing it? This class covers begins to answer these questions, looking at the big picture of God's plan of salvation. It will examine the different stages of salvation history, focusing in on the problem of Original Sin, the Paschal Mystery of Jesus and how, through the ministry of the Church, Jesus offers salvation to us.

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